Picture Gallery One

Gerald , telling an intriguing story from one of his published books

Miles & Arnae' playing and singing  a beautiful uptempo song with congas playing and everybody in rhythm clapping hands.

Debbie read an interesting article she wanted to share.

Lenard reading one of his thought provoking poems - Sept 2010.

Ran giving one of his awesome romantic poems - Aug. 2010

David is seriously in the moment doing his poem and song about the love he lost.

Our charming poet, Lenora with her Wizard of Oz Hip Hop Remix


Van & Mel having too much fun on congas

Laurel Airica, our featured artist, presenting her word magic to a spellbound audience - Sept 2010

Rev. Nirvana Gayle, looking sharp after his awesome featured artist performance - January 2010

David is really into his rap with Erica backing him up with soulful vocals.

Na'ilah, breaking it down with a spoken word piece that had the audience enjoying every minute of it.


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